Walk back home

With a searing pain in back A burning sensation in throat Hands all red, face all pink Buried in a dusty coat, I move on. My legs ache with each jolt With stabbing agony Each part preparing to revolt, I move on. As the cold winds soothe My weary sweaty face Trying hard to keep... Continue Reading →

Turning Back

Turning back, myriad emotions flowed in Some sweet, some bitter But even life is like that, consider? Rejoicing some deeds done, Regretting some never undertaken, Chuckling at the blunders, And unable to recall the numbers, The soul smiled. It was time to turn around and leave, But one more moment, please? The childhood went flashing... Continue Reading →

She wanted you

I was seventeen When the horrors began I was sleeping When I heard a girl cry Too noticeable It sent down shivers   Three days later She came outside my room Then inside and then next to my bed I saw the black shadow Turn into a pale face She had a sad look and... Continue Reading →


Sitting under a willow tree, Thinking about the life so unfree, Trying to recall the moments happy, But, none came to mind.   “What wrong I did?” Listened to everybody- Was the answer he couldn’t receive. Thinking of his actions, Of his career and his life, They weren’t his decisions- He couldn’t realise.   Just... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Hey there, thanks for joining me! I began writing a couple of years back as a therapeutic endeavor but gradually fell in love with it. So much so that I would always wonder about what next I was going to write on and who would be the first to read it. Slowly, I started writing... Continue Reading →

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